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Last version: 1.0 (2005-05-12)
License: GPL
Languages: XSL
Status: Finished

MozBookmarks2Wiki is an XSL stylesheet that transforms a Mozilla Suite or Mozilla Firefox bookmarks RDF file into a text file suitable for submiting into a Wiki, like Wikipedia. This is useful if, for example, you want to add many links to a Wiki article or have all your bookmarks available from your Wiki personal user page.

The generated output is properly indented following your bookmark folder tree. It looks like this:

 == Wikis ==
 * [ OpenFacts]
 === Wikipedia ===
 * [ English Wikipedia]
 * [ Deutsch Wikipedia]


How to use

This stylesheet should be applied on your bookmarks RDF file. The bookmarks.html in your profile folder is of no use, forget it. To retrieve an RDF file from your bookmarks, you should use the JavaScript provided by Jay Sheth on his site: unmork.html (you must save and run this file from your disk).

After having your bookmarks in RDF format, apply the stylesheet on it using an XSLT processor and you will get a text file in Wiki syntax. Some good XSLT processors that may be used to perform this transformation are xsltproc, Saxon and Xalan.

Jay Sheth built a Windows GUI frontend using PHP/WinBinder. For Windows users, it is more friendly than directly running an XSLT processor from the command line.