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  • Provide filename for convenient saving.
  • Aesthetic changes for message logging.
  • Better style support and other small fixes.
  • Fix some wrong log messages.
  • Fixed bug that was preventing cache updates for pages that contained only styles.
  • Add copyright to generated output.
  • Added separate internationalisation module.
  • Added pt-br strings.
  • Added separate default settings module.
  • Added support for network links.
  • Added support for hierarchically arranging placemarks in folders through wiki categories.
  • Added classes for BalloonStyle and ListStyle.
  • Added BalloonStyle support.
  • Description fields now use CDATA to make output more legible.
  • Added appendDescription() method to KMLFeature.
  • Allow forced folder creation and setting of folder properties through {{#kml.folder:...}} markup.

Version 1.1.0 (Mar 17, 2007)

  • First public release.