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These are my software projects, and also projects that I'm working or have worked on for some time. This list is not complete, and it was not intended to be so since there were many other old projects that aren't worth mentioning here, they don't have a real value today (perhaps only for historic purposes). Some of these older "projects" were created just for learning and experience.

Here I use the word "project" also for small programs and scripts. There are some very simple scripts that can make the use of the word "project" a bit too much, but I don't want to make such a distinction.

The box on the right lists all my current projects. Below are the most important ones along with a short description of each. Most of them are open source.


jrMandel is a command-line, parallel Mandelbrot set fractal renderer. It is specially designed to render high-resolution fractal images taking advantage of parallel processing, either by using multiple threads of execution (and thus suitable to run on multi-core processors) or by using a Parallel Virtual Machine (PVM) to distribute the tasks among the nodes of a computer cluster. jrMandel can also render fractals without using any parallelism, in order to compare the efficiency between parallel and non-parallel runs.

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KML Export

KML Export is a MediaWiki extension that generates KML files for Google Earth from content in article pages. Users add templates to article pages with geographic coordinates (placemarks) of the subject on the article; the extension creates a special page that scans the articles that contains the placemarks and generates a single KML file, with links leading back to the wiki.

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jMList is a small utility that scans one or more given directories for media files (currently only audio files) and generates a XML listing of the whole directory tree with information about each media file such as filesize, song length, title, author, album, etc. A XSL stylesheet can be applied to the output to transform into a different output, like tabular or tree listings in plain text, XML, HTML, RDF, RSS or any other XML format.

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VitaliaMUD ("O Mundo de Vitália")

VitaliaMUD is a MUD server fully translated to Brazilian Portuguese, aimed on providing an online RPG for Brazilian players, on a virtual epic-medieval world. It was part of a bigger project called O Mundo de Vitália. I'm no longer working on this project, but it was by far the most important of all.

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F/OSS projects I've made contributions to