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Old posts from Memory Leak.

Improve your efficiency with VIM - 2

Here is another VIM trick. This one allows you to do auto-completion using the Tab key while you type. This script helps me a lot while i'm programming, it makes typing very fast after you get used to.

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Tools for Software Development

Programs are not created by just piling lines of code and processing them though a compiler. Real-life Software Development is much more complicated than this. This is not any news.

Sometimes, I have my friends asking me what tools I use to assist software development. Although for some it might be unacceptable to develop anything without the help of some tools, like a Version Control System or a Bug Tracker, for others these names have little meaning.

Here is a list of the most important tools available for software development, what are they built for and how can they help you. In this post I'll cover Version Control Systems and Documentation.

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Mozilla Bookmarks to Wiki

Yet another of my small projects. This time is an XSL stylesheet.

MozBookmarks2Wiki is an XSL stylesheet that can be used to convert a Mozilla Suite or Mozilla Firefox bookmarks RDF file into a format suitable for submiting into a Wiki, like MediaWiki.

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Pseudo Authentication

Sometimes, you have a bulletin board or web forum, where people exchange messages publicly, and want your users to trust each other, but you don't want to go through implementing an user registration database and authentication scheme. Sometimes it is a bit too much or overcomplicated, or requires some storage space and maintenance time that you are not willing to provide.

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Triangular Matrices

A triangular matrix is useful when you need to intersect data from two instances of the same list of objects, and the two operands are commutative (e.g. x×y = y×x) like the distance of every two cities on a map. You can save some space and processing time if you use a triangular matrix, since you need only to calculate half of the table.

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Improve your efficiency with VIM

VIM is my text editor of choice, it has plenties of features that, when you learn how to use them, they boost your efficiency greatly on both programming and general text editing.

Here are two small tips for those who does a lot of programming with VIM:

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Remote Control


One of the things that amazed me when I was just experiencing Linux many years ago was the ability to use my joystick as a remote control for x11amp. I'd never heard of any Windows audio player with such functionality on that epoch. It has been proven really useful while I was working and listening to music, I could control the music quickly without being distracted switching desktops or looking for tray icons. With the help of a DB-15 extension cord, I was also able to drag it to anywhere in my bedroom and control the music even when I was not at the computer.

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jMList - Initial Release

jMList is a small utility that scans one or more given directories for media files (currently only audio files) and generates a XML listing of the whole directory tree with information about each media file such as filesize, song length, title, author, album, etc. An XSL stylesheet can be applied to the output to transform into a different output, like tabular or tree listings in plain text, XML, HTML, RDF, RSS or any other XML format.

This first release already supports MP3 and OGG files (ID3 and Vorbis comment tags) and is capable of internally applying a stylesheet to the XML output. Works fine and seems pretty stable.

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